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Chicken White Karahi Recipe

Chicken white karahi or white chicken karahi is a super delicious, creamy, and savory Pakistani and Indian origin chicken curry recipe, often cooked in an instant pot. It is famous among the majority of the people in both the subcontinents.

Grab a fluffy Naan and start! Wait, I know it is very appetizing :). Hold your hunger and let me take you through its short background before we actually start our journey to cook chicken white karahi.

Chicken white karahi is also a Dhaba style dish, just like Chicken Karahi. Dhaba is a traditional roadside restaurant where people use to eat on the ground on carpets or on large wooden benches enjoyed with friends and family in a  group.

This dish has a pleasant smell and nearly white look, which is the reason it is known as chicken “white” karahi.


It is served with the raita, which is a condiment in South Asian delicacies made from dahi (yogurt, sometimes called curd) along with uncooked or cooked vegetables, or very often with fruits.

But in chicken white karahi it is served with a simple raita and traditional salad. Below is the picture of the raita.


Chicken white karahi is very popular among every age of the population in Pakistan and India. It is enjoyed with the hot naan or roti made in tandoor.

Cream or No Cream in Chicken White Karahi?

The cream is normally added in chicken white karahi to give it a thick texture. I like to add a slightly little bit of heavy cream ultimately for some richness.

However, I believe it might be okay to leave it out fully. Nevertheless, I might add a little quantity of yogurt if omitting the heavy cream.

Chicken White Karahi Ingredients

  • Chicken 500 grams
  • Green chili and salt as per taste
  • Yogurt 100 grams
  • Black pepper 1/2 teaspoon
  • White pepper 1 teaspoon
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon
  • Cumin coarsely grounded 1 teaspoon
  • Whole spices (garam masala) 1/2 teaspoon
  • Fresh cream 4 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
  • Coriander powder 1 teaspoon
  • Green chili and Ginger for garnishing


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Directions or Instructions to Cook

As always, I ask you to please wash your hands properly with soap to maintain the hygiene and keep the environment and places clean. After all, it is all going inside your body, so your health should be your first priority.

Take a look at the instructions below on how to make chicken white karahi in just 30 minutes.

  • Take a pot and add 3-4 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • Add chicken and fry until it changes its color
  • Then add green chili, salt, and ginger garlic paste and mix well
  • Now cover the pot with a lid and leave on a low flame until chicken becomes tender
  • Make sure do not add any extra water in it, chicken meat will become tender in its own water
  • When meat becomes tender, now add yogurt and all remaining spices and give it a good mix
  • Stir on medium flame until separated
  • Then add 3 to 4 tablespoon of fresh cream and mix well for a while and turn off the flame
  • Garnish with ginger and green chilies ready to serve

Just like all the recipes, I hope you liked the recipe and its details above.

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