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Health Insurance Companies | Top 5 in the United States

Best Health Insurance Companies In The USA

Are you looking for top health insurance companies in the United States? This is because you must be searching for a plan to support your healthcare spending via the best health insurance company that you can trust.

Well, we know it is always hard to find the top health insurance company because of the complex health insurance plans they offer.

But, we are going to make it easy for you by providing a list of the top 5 health insurance companies in the USA.


There are a variety of health insurance companies in the United States, but there are only a few that cater to the health needs of the general population, and you can trust them.

Hence, in this article, I will discuss the best health insurance companies in the USA for the benefit of health insurance seekers.

Here is the list of the top 5 Health Insurance Companies in the United States that we will discuss in detail one by one:

  1. Kaiser Permanente
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  3. United Healthcare Providers (UHC)
  4. Aetna
  5. Cigna


1. Kaiser Permanente  

kaiser permanente health insurance companies in united states

Health insurance with Kaiser Permanente is one of the best and that is the reason we have listed it as one of the top health insurance companies in the United States.

They are located in Oakland, California USA. It works to provide medical care services and health service plans. Kaiser Permanente seeks support for medical care from the Kaiser Foundation network of medical centers and hospitals.

They have been offering effective medical care services and health insurance programs with a simple idea. They believe every individual has a chance at a great and healthy life.

Hence, Kaiser Permanente’s insurance plan is unique for each customer, so they have full control over their medical care and facilities.

JD Power and Associates have awarded Kaiser Permanente many times for their outrageous courage and great medical assistance.

Their financial rating excellence has made them trust numerous individuals seeking a great medical plan.

Kaiser Permanente operates in various regions of the USA, and they have spread their networks extensively that including about 22,000 physicians for 24/7 online guidance.

They have platinum, bronze, gold, and silver plans with varying medical care facilities and health agendas.



High deductible plans are available for the Kaiser Permanente Health Savings Account (HSA) for the user’s convenience.

The HAS accounts are free of tax, and they can be utilized to pay for prescriptions, routine checkups, emergency care services, X-rays, lab tests, etc.

Kaiser Permanente has reliable customer care staff available to help customers seeking assistance for matters that can be solved over the phone and extract quick solutions for health issues.

They have a variety of Health Savings Account options that fit the varying budgets of people seeking health care insurance.


2. Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance companies in united states

The BCBS – Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance is on #2 in our top health insurance companies in the United States. It has been working tirelessly to enhance people’s health in various parts of the world.

BCBS is located in Michigan, Chicago, USA, and they have earned the support of over 100 million people due to excellence in health insurance and their astonishing health maintenance plans.

They build a comprehensive understanding among customers regarding health and its importance to understand the complexity of health insurance.

They have three types of plans that include HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), and EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organizations).

These plans have varying properties and varying services that they offer. The BCBS organization also offers Health Savings Account as well as a Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

The flexible savings account is a tax-free offer that has a high-deductible plan for maximum user amenity. BCBS organization operates singularly to promote human well-being and equip them with strategies that suit their lifestyle and a plan that is easy to follow.

BCBS has its branches in various states, which allow the customer to avail of the insurance anywhere in the country.

The BCBS organization has Flexible healthcare plans, and they are customized according to the customer’s needs no matter how much coverage they want. The master in providing exposure to affordable and high-quality healthcare coverage.



3. United Health Care Providers (UHC)

united healthcare insurance health insurance companies in united states

The United Healthcare Providers (UHC) is on #3 in our top health insurance companies in the United States ranking. It is one of the USA’s most significant health insurance companies as it is a trusted organization when it comes to providing comprehensive healthcare plans. It is situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA.

They mainly focus on issuing suitable healthcare coverage for individuals based on their needs, demand, and income. The UHC is one name that comes into mind when thinking about robust health insurance companies.

The United Healthcare Providers believes that health is the primary requirement for a sustainable and systematic life. Each individual should be empowered by providing suitable healthcare guidance and plan.

They are a customer’s choice for health insurance as they treat each individual with the utmost attention and care.

The United Healthcare Providers is simultaneously working to align the healthcare system and uplifting the affordability factor for better living standards.

They are working to establish a strong collaboration between medical care seekers and the healthcare staff for improved assistance and supervision.

The use of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a standard for their plan and makes sure all the plans they devise meet the requirements of the ACA.



The United Healthcare Providers is making significant efforts to enhance the sustainability factor within the healthcare system to sketch an inclusive health insurance plan that works for everyone.

They have increased their online visibility and services quite recently.

Their durable healthcare facility online allows a medical care seeker to order the prescription online and gain virtual assistance from the nurse for brief medical guidance.

They also host online wellness programs to increase individuals’ knowledge in treating minor health issues by themselves.

The United Healthcare Providers also offers a mobile app that makes doctors and other healthcare facilities easily accessible. They also offer PPO and HMO plans with the advantage of choosing a HAS or FSA plan.

Supplemental Health Insurance Plans:

United Healthcare also offers supplemental insurance plans:

Their comprehensive PPO service and online healthcare setup make them a superior health insurance provider in the USA.



4. Aetna 

aetna usa

Aetna Health Insurance is on #4 in our top health insurance companies in the United States rankings. They are amongst the most valued insurance companies that withhold an exemplary reputation.

The financial strength rating is an “A” that is excellent and works seamlessly in the medical facility field.

Aetna health insurance service is operated all over the USA, and it provides comprehensive healthcare strategies for employees. Aetna is originally situated in San Diego, California, USA.

They work to promote affordable health insurance. Hence, an individual can avail of several affordable healthcare facilities such as routine checkups, prescriptions, preventive care, immunization, and a variety of other services.

They have an extensive networking plan which enables an insurer to avail themselves of their insurance coverage in any part of the world. Aetna allows an individual to get medical coverage as well as devise plans that fit well with their lifestyle.



You can get the Aetna health insurance plan in association with your work organization as well. Dental care is another area that is quite expensive but fundamental.

They also provide dental coverage for the insurer and provide the primary dental facility.

Aetna is a premium choice for several people as it presents a magnificent opportunity to save money and get excellent healthcare facilities.

There are medical experts, physicians, and OBGYNs on the platform provided by Aetna for rapid medical guidance.


5. Cigna Health Insurance 

Cigna United States

Cigna is on #5 in our top health insurance companies in the United States rankings. They operate globally to enhance the outreach of medical facilities.

They have the motive to promote necessary healthcare facilities and increase the accessibility of medical assistance for a better quality of living. Cigna is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Cigna operates within ten states of the USA, including Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Missouri. It has a financial strength rating of an “A,” which proves its efficiency in the health insurance field.

They provide out-of-network referrals if the plan includes it for better medical care outreach. They offer a variety of co-pay options, plan options, and a deductible that may vary from state to state.



The health insurance policyholders have various options available for medical conveniences, such as checking claim status, networking with doctors, estimating costs, and also availing insurance identity cards.

Cigna is actively working to establish numerous beneficial services for its policyholders.

Some of the policyholder benefits include online assistance, order prescription online, telehealth program, and online flu and shot information.

Cigna Mobile Applications

To help customers manage their health while on the go, Cigna offers three mobile apps:

  1. myCigna Mobile App
  2. The Cigna Wellbeing Mobile App, and
  3. Cigna Envoy Mobile App

Here are the features of each of these Cigna mobile applications:

#1 myCigna® Mobile App

myCigna Mobile App provides instant access to health care data.

The myCigna® app has one-touch access, which makes it easy for you to personalize, organize and access all the health information on the go.

This application is very important for all Cigna customers and they must have it.



Features may vary based on your specific plan type and individual security profile.

  • ID cards. View, print or send ID card information (front and back) right from your mobile device.
  • Claims. View, search and bookmark claims quickly.
  • Account balances. Instantly access your deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and health fund balances.
  • Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. Manage your prescriptions right from your mobile device.
  • Drug search. Look up drugs and compare actual costs at pharmacies nationwide.
  • Provider search. Research quality and cost of in-network doctors, dentists, and pharmacies.
  • Medical procedure search. Look up common procedures and compare the costs of providers.
  • What’s covered. View your plan coverage and details.
  • Health incentives. Track progress toward achieving your goals and awards.
  • Health wallet. Organize and manage your health information and contacts.
  • Languages supported. Available in Spanish and English.

#2 The Cigna Wellbeing Mobile App

Helping Cigna’s customers connect to better health.

It is an easy-to-use Cigna Wellbeing™ App. Through this app, a team of wellness and medical experts is accessible almost anywhere in the world.

  • Find your focus. Uncover your personality type and lifestyle focus with a few questions.
  • Valuable health assessments. Sleep habits, nutritional intake, stress levels, and physical activity.
  • Trackers. Monitor your progress with built-in trackers for exercise, nutrition, water intake, and more.
  • Tips, recipes, and resources. To keep you on the road to wellness.
  • Wellness tools. Just what you need to stay on top of chronic conditions.
  • Telehealth. Access to a licensed doctor by phone or video.
  • International Employee Assistance Program. 24/7 phone access to counselors – confidential and covered.

#3 Cigna Envoy Mobile App

This Cigna Envoy® Mobile App helps Cigna Global Health Benefits customers. This allows them to access their health benefits and resources from near and far.

Features may vary based on your specific plan type and individual security profile.

  • Manage claims. Submit, review and check the status of pending claims.
  • ID cards. View and print ID card information for the entire family.
  • Provider search. Find health care providers and facilities.
  • Message Cigna. Contact us easily with questions or concerns.

Cigna has a clear objective of escalating medical care facilities as well as providing comprehensive coverage for healthcare

Cigna also offers a secure Cigna providers portal for healthcare providers where they can easily:

  • Check patient eligibility and benefits
  • Check claims, payments, and fee schedules
  • Update Cigna provider directory information

The Cigna providers portal offers information, tools, and resources a healthcare provider needs to support the day-to-day tasks of the office all on the Cigna for Health Care Providers’ website,

In Conclusion

There are many health insurance companies in the United States, however, we have listed some in the United States for you to help in choosing the only best one.

Health insurance plays a pivotal role in ensuring proper resource accumulation for health emergencies. When looking to invest in healthcare policy and the health insurance companies, always ensure that the company has a financial strength rating of “A” and better healthcare coverage.

An individual must seek to adopt a policy that acts as a backup during tough times and provides adequate benefits for proper care. It is pivotal for an individual to carry out in-depth research and note all the facilities provided.

It is essential to decide on investing in health insurance companies whose vision synchronizes well with your healthcare priorities.



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