The best web hosting sites for small businesses are those that fully support WordPress or any other website platforms you are using to make your website.

Why I mentioned WordPress here is because it is the fastest-growing content management system in the world.

WordPress is used by the majority of web hosting sites around the globe to power their customers’ websites.  Because it is easy to use it is preferred by the majority of businesses around the world.



Take a look at the infographics, which show that 42 of the famous and biggest brands are using WordPress.

Best web hosting for small business
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Just imagine the power of WordPress web hosting sites that these big brands are using, how important it has become for all of us now.

What is a Web Hosting Site?

A web hosting site is a place where websites are hosted or websites live there. Here is an example:

As you cannot live without a home where your belongings are kept safe, similarly web hosting is home to all the files to be kept safe.

The website needs a web hosting server to keep all the files and folders including all the images, videos, etc so that users can access them from anywhere in the world through the world wide web (www).

Super easy right?…let’s move ahead with other details now.



How to Choose a Web Hosting?

So, choosing the best web hosting sites for small businesses is a very crucial step when you are starting your own brand, product or service to be sold online.

This is because you need customers to buy your product or services. Customers usually like websites that open quickly without any delays. This can be made possible with fast speed web hosting servers.

And to get the fast speed web hosting servers you have to search for the best web hosting sites for small businesses that give you high-speed servers to make your customer experience the best.

Must-have Features of Web Hosting:

Here are the must-have basic features that are very necessary to consider when choosing the best web hosting sites for small businesses:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • High-speed web servers, the less the speed in milliseconds the fastest server response will be.
  • Highly secure infrastructure to protect your website files and folders and other content.
  • SSL certificate, the majority of the web hosting companies are offering free SSL certificates.
  • Highly competitive pricing, the low price often attract more customers.
  • 24/7 Customer support service via phone, live chat, and online ticket system.
  • Offers managed WordPress hosting so that you don’t have to work hard on your website maintenance.
  • Offer discounts of up to 90% on their plans.
  • Full support for Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers in case you want to upgrade to these plans in the future.

Now you have an idea of how you can choose the best web hosting suitable for your WordPress sites based on the above features.



18 Best Web Hosting Sites for Small Businesses:

We know, you don’t have that much time to research, so we have done the research part for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Based on the core features, listed above, we have researched and found the top 18 best web hosting sites for small businesses for you.

  1. Bluehost– Best Web Hosting For Beginners
  2. Hostgator– Best in Price Web Hosting
  3. Greengeeks– Best Green Web Hosting
  4. Xeetec Hosting– Best Same Price Hosting
  5. Namecheap– Best Cheap Web Hosting
  6. Hostinger – Get up to 90% off on Hosting Plans
  7.– Best for Domains
  8. Inmotion– Top Hosting for VPS
  9. iPage– Best Small Business Hosting
  10. Netfirms– Best Low-Budget Hosting
  11. Interserver– Best Secure Web Hosting
  12. Dreamhost– Affordable Monthly Packages
  13. Mochahost– User-Friendly Web Hosting
  14. Turnkey Internet– Best for Average Users
  15. eUKhost– Best Hosting in UK & Europe
  16. WHUK– Best Option For European Countries
  17. Hostwinds– Best to Try & Play Around Hosting
  18. Web Hosting Pad– Best for New Users

We have already reviewed these best web hosting sites for small businesses in another post Here. You will find detailed reviews of all the web hosting sites.




In summary, whenever you choose the best web hosting sites for small businesses, always consider the points we have mentioned above. These points cover the core features of the best web hosting sites that are perfect for small businesses.