As we all know the heart is one of the vital organs of any living organism. It pumps and circulates the blood throughout your body properly. So, heart health is very important for everyone if they want to live a healthy life.

If the heart does not work properly, it can lead to many complications. If not taken care well, it can take to you to the deathbed!

So, your heart health is very important when it comes to keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Although many factors affect your heart health, we are going to discuss the top 5 habits that can damage your heart.

Did you know that eating fried food just once a week increases your risk of heart attack by 7%.

And, getting more than 9 hours of sleep a day increases your risk of developing heart disease by 5%?



So, here are the top five habits that can damage your heart:

1. Poor food choices

  bad habits heart health fast food

Foods that are rich in sugar and fat can lead to obesity which increases your chances of developing arterial diseases such as thrombosis, embolism, and arteriosclerosis.

Did you know that if you are obese, and particularly carrying fat storage around your belly, you can increase your risk of heart attack by 12%.

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2. Excessive salt intake

bad habits heart health salt intake

Salt (sodium chloride, scientifically speaking) is an essential part of our daily food routines.

Some of us enjoy consuming more salt in our daily meals to make it more tasteful. On the other hand, the fact is that the more salt you eat the higher will be your blood pressure and this will put great strain on your heart which can lead to heart attacks

Research studies show that a healthy diet can reduce your chances of getting heart attack by 18%.

3. Taking Stress

bad habits heart health stress

Stress damages your overall health, specifically, it weakens your heart health, for instance, it can increase your blood pressure.

When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone known as cortisol. If it is increased in your body, it makes your heart pump harder than usual. So, if left unchecked, it can lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack.



4. Sedentary Lifestyle – kills your cardiac health!

bad habits heart health sedantary life

It sounds more comforting that someone is sitting for longer hours or sleeping more. However, it is dangerous for your heart health.

A sedentary life leads to gain more weight and develop different kinds of heart-related problems.

Recent studies shows that getting some regular daily exercise can help you control your weight and reduce your risk of heart attack. Your exercises can be as simple as 30 minutes’ walk to as complex as 30 minutes of cardio, 5 times a week

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5. Tobacco use – extremely bad for heart health

bad habits heart health tobacco

Use of tobacco in any form like smoking, chewing, and nasal intake is very dangerous for you, especially for your heart health.

A rece nt data analysis shows that smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of deaths which were caused by heart disease.


Chemicals in tobacco can damage your blood vessels. Plaque may develop in your arteries causing them to narrow which may lead to increase the burden on your heart. This results in bad heart health and can lead to a heart attack.

In Conclusion – Heart Health is very important!

Your body relies on your heart health as it is the main pumping station of your system.  Keeping yourself active in life can protect you from various illnesses, including heart diseases.  So, make exercise, good foods, and nutrients parts of your daily routine and keep your heart healthy.