We know that you really love doing makeup, and must have tried many makeup hacks as well. But what if we tell you something miraculous about red lipstick?

I heard YES from you! Perfect, so how can you ignore applying makeup before going to your favorite party or when you have a date with your partner?

But, what will you do if you run out of some of your important makeup tools, like concealer or eyeliner or even eyeshade?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We will tell you some of the ultimate makeup hacks using your red lipstick.

Red lipstick can do miracles for your makeup needs. Your lipstick can add some beautiful looks to your eyes to go with your outfit. Or you can use your red lipstick to hide your tattoos, amazing right!

Still don’t believe it? Let’s have a look at all those makeup hacks.



1. Use as a Concealer

  red lipstick concealer

Are you out of your concealer?

No worries, you can use your red lipstick as a concealer as well. You can hide your dark circles and all those discolorations around your mouth and on other face areas.

So, how to use lipstick as a concealer? Follow the steps below:

  • Take a little amount of lipstick with the help of a beauty blender. You can also use your finger.
  • Apply it just as you apply your regular concealer.
  • Then apply your Foundation.
  • Voila, your flawless Foundation is ready!

2. Use as an Eyeliner

Beauty hacks eyeliner

Do you want to give some funky looks to your eyes to go with your outfit?

Use your red lipstick as an eyeliner to create that funky look and stand out in a crowd! To get that look, simply use zero size makeup brush and apply it as your regular eyeliner.  

3. Use as a Blush On

Red Lipstick Beauty hacks blush on

Firstly, let me ask you two questions:

  1. Do you want to give a fresh look to your cheeks? and

  2. Do you want an ideal shade to bring that freshness?

If your answer is Yes, then it’s awesome!

You will be surprised to know that you can use your red lipstick as a creamy blush on. The good thing is that, it stays longer. 

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4. Use it to Hide a Tattoo

red lipstick tattoo hide

Surprisingly, you can use your red lipstick to hide your tattoo. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Cover your tattoo with red lipstick
  • Blend it well and apply a coat of foundation over it
  • Surprise! No one will have a clue that your tattoo was there. 



5. Use Red Lipstick as an Eyeshade

Beauty hacks eye-shade

Do you want a bold red eyeshade to complete your eye look, but you have not found a perfect match yet?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with an easy solution and that is in your makeup vanity waiting for you!

You can use your red lipstick shade to create your favorite look and the good thing is that bomb pigmentation.

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Miraculously when talking about makeup hacks, lipsticks are one of the best all-round tools to help you in emergencies. Red lipstick can be used as a multipurpose tool to enhance your beauty. Next time when you run out of your essential beauty tools, don’t forget to check your lipstick for a perfect solution to your urgent beauty needs.