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Shock Video Explained in 120 Seconds with an Easy Animation

Shock Video

This Shock Video explains shock or hypoperfusion, a life-threatening medical condition, in which there is a reduced oxygen supply to the cells through the circulatory system.



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Shock Video

Here is the video which explains shock in just 120 seconds!



Because many medical professionals like, doctors, first aid providers, pharmacists, and nurses often come across this term, they must fully understand it properly.

And, without understanding this term they cannot identify if the person lying down is in shock or any other health condition.

Don’t worry, I will solve your problem in a very short, but highly informative animated shock video that explains all types of shock in one go in a very easy-to-understand language.  

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So, the animation video below explains all types of shock, such as:

  • Compensated
  • Decompensated
  • Hypovolemic or hemorrhagic shock
  • Cardiogenic
  • Neurogenic

Read the more detailed article:  Different Types of Shock: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, & Causes

In just 120 seconds in a very brief and easy-to-understand way, you will completely understand all types of shock and its symptoms. Watch it now!



In Summary

This video explained shock or hypoperfusion, a life-threatening medical condition, in which there is a reduced oxygen supply to the cells through the circulatory system. This causes a reduced blood supply to the organs, as a result, they stop functioning. There are 5 types: compensated, decompensated, hypovolemic or hemorrhagic, cardiogenic, and neurogenic.

Medical treatment depends on the type of shock a person encounters. As an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), you do not need to diagnose the type.

Whenever there is a mechanism of injury or signs that indicate the possibility of shock, you must recognize and treat it.

Before proceeding with the treatment, your first and foremost course of action should be to call 911. Alternatively, any other local emergency number of your respective country to get immediate medication attention.

Awesome! I hope you have completely understood all of the types of shock in this informative animated video.

However, I don’t think after watching this video you will have any kind of doubts.

I would appreciate your comments and suggestions below.

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