Learn more about our Lifestyle blog for Health, Fitness & Beauty. We have discussed our blogging journey here. Read below and learn how we started this blog and how this has grown up now from a child blog to a full grown blog very quickly.

Our Lifestyle Blog Story

The idea bout our blog started right after we got married, yes me (Khawar) and my wife (Iqra). We decided to start a blog where people can improve their lifestyle. We focused on how lifestyles of men and women’s can be improved through writing blogs and articles. So, we came with with an idea and decided the name as Lifestyle by IK. 

And yes, we finally crafted a beautiful logo for our blog. IK in our logo represents both of us as we both work together to bring quality contents to our readers every day! 

lifestyle by ik logo health fitness and beauty blog

Our Blogging Style & Contents

Blog consists of Health, Fitness & Beauty categories that we believe reflect everyone’s daily lifestyles. Yes, if you are not healthy and fit, imagine being beautiful and fashionable?, definitely not! 

Posting quality Health, Fitness & Beauty related articles, videos and blog posts is our priority as we believe these categories have major impact on everyone’s life. 

Here are some of the examples from our blog posts: 

Benefits of Lemongrass – Surprising Advantages for all

Heart Health – Top 5 Habits that are Bad for Your Heart

6 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You – May lead to cancer

How to get Flawless Beauty? Follow 5 Simple Daily Routines

Red Lipstick Beauty Hacks | 100% Working and Tested

Huda Beauty vs Miss Rose Cosmetics | Full Makeup and Cosmetic Review

Benefits of Top 7 Healing Ayurvedic Herbs Available In Your Pantry

So these are some examples, but our lifestyle blog is full of other informative contents too. 

Most importantly, we both are Pharmacists by profession i.e. we both have Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm-D). So our focus is mainly on Health and Fitness side.

But wait, how can we forget about Beauty and Fashion too, which is not completed without beauty. The most important part of girls, womens and mens, of course. So we added this too mainly! 

Open for Collaborations & Partnerships

We, at our lifestyle blog, are always open for partnerships and collaborations with other writers, bloggers, influencers and other organizations who want to contribute and grow with us.

We charge nominal price for ads. All you have to do is to provide us with high quality articles that we believe our readers are craving for!

If you want to contribute to our blog, or if you are looking to advertise, please feel free to contact us or send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message using our online contact us form

Your privacy is our priority while you contact us or provide any information. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

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